Monday , January 31 2022


Hydrogen powered Slovak sports car

[ad_1] Slovakia’s pavilion, Expo 2020 in Dubai, on Friday revealed that a prototype hydrogen-powered sports car will be launched on the market; In the presence of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, the …

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The governor of Alexandria talks about receiving an offer to trade Adel Imam in an Arab country

[ad_1] Arabic – News, reviews and radio Sputnik Sputnik B3% D9% 83% D9% 86% D8% AF% D8% B1% D9% 8A% D8% A9-% D9% 8A% D8% AA% D8% AD% …

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Venus was never an oceanic habitat

[ad_1] A recent scientific study using a sophisticated climate model concluded that Venus never represented an environment for the oceans, and the results weaken the hypothesis that the “twin planet” of the …

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