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Many are unaware of it, but this habit increases the appearance of certain cancers

From the union of our lives as the perfect machine of our bodies and everything that surrounds us. And it also means food, which in some cases helps you live better, in other cases it doesn’t. But we’re not just talking about food, it’s a lot more. Many are unaware of this, but this habit increases the incidence of certain cancers.

So we said that everything around us affects our lives and health. For example, we all know that smoking is bad, we all know that living near certain factories is bad. We also know that those who have worked with asbestos for a long time are now more likely to develop cancers than those who have never worked with this material. In short, everything that surrounds us affects our existence and health. It is up to us to preserve, in every way we try to avoid what can be avoided. And an absolutely avoidable risk factor here is just this bad habit.


Many people are unaware of it, but this habit increases the appearance of certain cancers

The number of alcohol-related cancers is increasing. In fact, it is estimated in 2020 that 4.1% of cancers are caused by alcohol, which means barely 750,000. In fact, one study decided to actually calculate the contribution of alcohol to the incidence of cancer. And the result is certainly interesting. Numerous studies already point out how alcohol consumption affects mortality. However, it is essential to see how alcohol consumption is increasing in some countries as consumption trends change rapidly over time.

Vulnerable subjects and tumors

The study shows that men are most at risk, in fact, about ¾ of these 750,000 alcohol-related cases occur in men. The most common cancers caused by alcohol consumption are the esophagus, liver and women.

Suggestions for reducing alcohol consumption

There are countries where consumption is higher, others lower, perhaps for reasons related to rapid economic growth on the one hand, and for religious reasons on the other. But the recommendations of the AIRC or WCRF are to avoid or reduce alcohol consumption. Researchers in the study said they still believe there is little awareness between alcohol consumption and the onset of tumors.


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